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Friday, May 18, 2007

Trends in Interiors

People nowadays are looking for similar things for their interiors as they do their exteriors. They want varied textures, materials and colors along with energy efficiency, environmental responsibility and durability. Details are also making a comeback from the "clean lines" that could only be considered not boring for so long. Technology is also playing a big role, like the lighting, heating or even oven that can be controlled from a computer or phone far from home. The design is more thought-out too. The lighting can be designed to save energy, improve safety and create a different mood for each room in your house. www.squaredlightingcontrol.com

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Old materials are being used in new ways to create more interest. For instance, metal tiles add a contemporary backdrop for a wood and stone fireplace. www.pickellbuilders.com Same goes for floors, porcelain tiles instead of sisal carpet takes less maintenance and can help alleviate allergy problems. www.artistictile.com Copper is a visually interesting material and also happens to be 100% recyclable. Copper is a lot easier to mine than other metals and is antimicrobial. www.copper.org

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A Designer's Eye said...

I agree with a lot of the trends that you talked about. We've seen a lot of the same thing in our business. Do you happen to know of any more affordable ways of using these ideas in a home? Or of any not-expensive resources?