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Friday, May 18, 2007

Trends in Bonus/Hobby Rooms

Choosing the new "it" room is a huge gamble for home builders. Obviously the more specialized the room the bigger the risk. For a while there, every Street of Dreams home seem to have a wine cellar. Although that is a pretty safe bet nowadays, it's still very specialized. Something like a craft room, as long as it doesn't have built-ins, could easily become a bedroom if the home owner is not into that. "Pocket libraries" can be put in hallways or tucked into the landing point of the stair. www.pickellbuilders.com These make for great decoration and don't take up a whole room of the house. Books have always made for great interior design, it's like putting your knowledge on display. Or maybe someone would want it to seem that way. It's also popular to remodel a room in your home that is completely devoted to one hobby. Dad's room could have a huge flat screen t.v. with the walls painted the color of his favorite team. Mom might require an air-locked space to safeguard deliveries of perishable foods or dry cleaning when nobody is home. Or the family might spend their summer evenings on the screened off porch with heated floors. Game rooms are getting very popular, everyone loves to entertain. Even the hot tubs have waterfalls and iPod docking stations. www.hottubs.jacuzzi.com What will be next?

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