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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Finding Pet Friendly Rentals


Many people consider their pets to be a part of their family. Since more than two-thirds of Oregonians own pets you would think there would be more options for pet owners who want to rent. But actually many of those renting out homes see nothing but property damage no matter how well behaved the animal. Some had a bad experience with a previous renter and some just heard a horror story, regardless, it's hard for pet owners when all else is equal the pet-less renter usually wins. Here are some hints when looking to rent with pets...

  • Try not to be in a hurry. It cannot always be avoided but if you can help it, do not be in a rush to move. There are a lot more things to take into consideration when you have pets and anyone in a hurry is going to compromise more than they wanted to.
  • Research neighborhoods before you head out. Some areas in Portland and surrounding cities allow as few as three dogs in a home. There also maybe more strict leash requirements in some areas over others. Some people are looking specifically fenced yards and neighborhoods with near by parks.
  • Use the internet. A good majority of real estate searching is done online now and there are even sites specific to pet owners. www.oregonlive.com and http://portland.craigslist.org have pet friendly filters. The community resources section of the Oregon Humane Society (www.oregonhumane.org) lists apartments that allow pets and gives deposit information and animal restrictions (breed, size, age, species).
  • With some dog breeds you might want to consider buying. Some who love pets and are looking for renters would love to rent to those with a well behaved German Shepherd or Rottweiler but might not have a choice. Some insurance companies put limitations on breed and size causing those who who would otherwise say yes to say no. But the amount of money one would put toward deposits and cleaning fees could instead go toward a down-payment on the purchase of a house or condo.
  • Proving your dog to be well behaved and obedient can go a long way in persuading someone to rent to you. Be prepared with a dog resume and interview. You want to bring obedience titles and pictures of your current spotless apartment or house. Some may also want to do an "interview", see how well pet and owner get along, whether or not their pet "listens".


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