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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Trends in Construction Methods

Nowadays people are getting more and more opinionated about the materials used in their home. With the emergence things like HGTV people are more informed and more curious about ways they can make their house last longer, more energy efficient and cost effective. They are doing their homework and choosing the paint, materials and furnishings that won't fade or discolor in the summer heat, even if it costs a little more in the short term. Although natural materials are still a prized possession, man-made materials are now being made more environmentally friendly, less expensive and can be made to look natural.
They now have waterproof fiber rock board made from recycled materials and able to withstand winds up to 242 miles an hour. Wall sections are placed on a traditional slab that's braced. Then concrete is poured between the outside fiber rock board and the inside of the steel-framed wall. Which is perfect for places like Florida which has lots of hurricanes and humidity, which normally causes mold in the traditional cement-block homes. www.E-Wall.info Steel framing is another trend, builders and architects can choose this for larger and taller projects. It's even being used in residential buildings because of it's consistent quality, ease of handling and declining cost. www.steelframing.org
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