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Monday, February 5, 2007

Our New Tram gets National Exposure

The new $57 million tram that connects OHSU with the South Waterfront was highlighted in the Feb. 3rd edition of USAToday.

The tram was built as part of a plan to develop the South Waterfront, which is drawing some $2 billion in private investment. The Tram connection between OHSU, which had run out of room on the hill, and the expanding Waterfront is expected to reduce driving by 2 million miles a year, saving 93,000 gallons of gas by tram riders who avoid the twisty road up to the hospital.

The article goes on to give props to Portland for "its impressive array of alternative forms of transportation, including streetcars, a light rail system and miles and miles of bike paths."

Nice to receive national recognition for our beautiful city and efforts to give people alternatives to driving. The tram has been ferrying hospital employees and patients since mid-December, and opened to the general public in late January. If you have had a chance to ride the tram, please leave a comment to share your thoughts.

1 comment:

Derek Guyer said...

It's obvious the city there cares about their image and the convenience they provide for the people of Portland.

Indianapolis has been doing quite a bit to improve the transportation issues here, but not enough in my opinion. Being as small as we are, we're not dealing with major issues like most major cities, but we still could add quite a bit of character to the city through those same methods and others.

Great post and a very interesting article.