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Friday, March 14, 2008

February Market Report

February Residential Highlights

Activity in the Portland metro area picked up over the last month, but remained slow when compared to February of 2007. The level of inventory also fell 2.4 months from its record high in January (12.8 months) despite an increase in the number of active listings. The decrease can be attributed to increased sales volume in February compared to January. The 14,407 active residential listings at the end of February would last approximately 10.4 months at February’s rate of sales. Compared with January 2008, closed sales were up 27.6% (1,384 v. 1,085) and pending sales rose 9.9% (1,837 v. 1,671). On the other hand, compared with February 2007, the number of new listings grew 4%, while closed sales declined 27.1% and pending sales fell 35.2% (see table below).


When comparing market activity for January-February 2008 to the same time in 2007, statistics show that the number of new listings was up 10.4%. On the other hand, closed sales decreased 29.5%. Pending sales also fell 34.7%.


When comparing prices for the 12 months ending with February 2008 with the prices for the 12 months ending in February 2007, the average sale price appreciated 5.8% ($344,700 v. $325,800). Using the same formula, the median sale price in the Portland metro area has appreciated 5.5% ($290,000 v. $275,000).


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Kyle French said...

Good info. Our market has stronger fundamentals than most, which we should focus on when trying to get buyers to take action.