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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Where To?

As we all know, Oregon is a fabulous place to live. Surprisingly, not everyone is aware of this fact. Of course not everyone is in the dark, Oregon grew by 33,314 people in 2006. 149,838 actually moved here and 116,524 moved away for some reason. In fact, so many people move here every year that half of us came from someplace else. But where are we coming from?

On the East coast they are still oblivious to our greatness so only 7,122 came here in '06. The Midwesterners are heading to the coast, either coast, but 13,702 chose the Oregon coast. In the South people are just trying to escape the heat, what better place than the Northwest, or so thought 17,979 Southerners. But the West coast by far is very much aware of what we have to offer. Of the 106,192 Westerners who moved to Oregon 51,295 were from California. The rest of the top five included Washington with 24,230, Arizona with 8,078, Texas with 4,580 then Colorado with 4,424.

When Oregonians do make the move out of state they tend to keep it in the Western family as well. Washington was first with 28,905 followed by California with 25,375, Arizona with 7,224, Idaho with 7,136 and Utah with 4,270.

The Oregonian - Saturday, February 16, 2008 - Living B1


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