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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Design Trends

Since the internet has sped up the design migration, it makes it more important to keep up so you know what buyers want or are about to want. If you want to keep up on the next new design trends for the home experts have some ideas for where to look.

HOTELS Of course people love the feel of a hotel, it reminds them of being on vacation and a lot of thought and expensive designers go into the look. Especially new hotels are good for study because the most recent options are at their disposal.

FASHION RUNWAYS Design is Design. Creative people are not limited to only one medium. It is not at all uncommon for fashion to influence interior design color, fabric and shape, and vice versa.

MOVIES AND TV SHOWS The set of a show or a movie is very strategically planned and can create impressions on people who are renovating. Think of your favorite t.v. show and how many times you see that set, the repetitiveness might cause you to start liking the look because it is familiar. Also, it is sinking into your subconscious, you might not know it is influencing you.

THE STREET Teenagers influence design more than ever before. The Hello Kitties and skulls you see the kids wearing will be made into high-end jewelry and home accessories in the next six months to a year.

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