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Friday, December 14, 2007

What Do You Want In A Home?

While it seems quite rational to assume buyers are clamoring after the "best" house leaving the others to beg for attention, it doesn't necessarily work that way. That is because not everyone is looking for the same things. In this survey they asked buyers about specific home features and then divided up these people by demographic categories. The features include Central Air, Garage (2 or more spaces), Walk-in Closet in Master Bedroom, Cable or Satellite TV Ready, High-speed Internet Access and Energy Efficient.

74% of buyers in general found Central Air to be the import making it the most attractive feature of the 6. Naturally 91% of the people in the South found it essential while only 41% of buyers in the Northeast.

In the West 66% of home seekers require a garage but in the Northeast, where a lot of people live in big city apartments, only 37%.

Walk-in closets are a very attractive feature now-a-days but more so with those buying brand new homes. People buying older homes are looking for the charm of old architecture, knowing that closets were not big back in the day.

The same goes with Cable or Satellite TV and High-speed Internet, of course people expect that in new homes today, it's a staple.

Homes that are Energy Efficient have become a bigger deal lately with gas prices as the are. Again, those who purchase new homes expect it and those who done this before. A first time buyer hasn't gone through the process of paying utility bills yet so it's the repeat buyers who understand the importance of Energy Efficiency.

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