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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Beaverton Traffic Signals Will Improve

Beaverton is getting a new traffic timing system along Southwest Canyon and Farmington roads. Thank goodness because no one goes to Beaverton during rush hour unless they have to, and that is because of the traffic. The city is spending $60,000 to evaluate the timing of the signals and create a new timing sequence that, in theory, will make traffic much nicer. The schedule will reflect high-volume hours with more green lights on the major streets, which will make many people happy.

Other areas that already have coordinated signals include a section of Farmington Road, Canyon Road and the Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway. Most complaints about traffic signals usually result from a malfunction.

We can expect to see installation start sometime this month. They are going to do real time traffic flow models for Farmington, Canyon and Beaverton-Hillsdale.

There are video cameras around the city monitoring about a third of the signaled intersections and these can tell us what type of traffic there is at a given time and set the lights accordingly. Ideally they would like to have cameras at all of the intersections.

Meanwhile the city will soon install fiber optic conduit from the Farmington Road/Lombard Avenue intersection to the Beaverton Transit Center. The change would allow a connection with Portland’s traffic system, ODOT and Washington County, which in the future will create a regional signal management system, according to city officials. The installation will be done as part of infrastructure preparation for the county’s 14.7-mile commuter rail line.


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