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Monday, September 10, 2007

New Tigard Plaza 2

Stevens Marine on Burnham Street was chosen,as expected, as the site for a future public plaza that is hoped will become the cornerstone of the Tigard revitalization effort. Currently it is just the concept that has been approved. There are still many more hoops to jump though yet.

This site had been favored because it has the capacity to hold the Tigard farmers' market, with the temporary closing of some side streets, and the owner's willingness to work with the city on this project. Not to mention the available options to make it visible, which is a major problem with downtown Tigard currently.

The next phase includes talking to and working with neighboring property owners. The idea being for all to redevelop the area together, at the same time, instead of the plaza going up and the surrounding properties following the already set up vision. If you include the people in the planning, the local business owners, then it is more likely that the people will use it.

It's supposed to be a shopping center, a gathering place for fun and festivals and a permanant home for the famers' market.

When The Times contacted Page Stevens, owner of Stevens Marine, on Wednesday morning, he said that he was not aware his business had been chosen as the site for a public plaza.


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