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Monday, July 9, 2007

Staying Informed on Crime in Your Area

CRIME Spotter is a visual representation of where crime has occurred. Going back 12 months, a database of crimes that gets turned into a map showing you what crimes are being committed where and how often. This database is updated with new crime data each month. You can enter in your address and see what's happening a mile in each direction from your home.


Tigard is known for being a low crime area, safe for families. It's citizens and police are proactive and informed creating a team determined to keep Tigard's crime below average, especially "stranger on stranger" crime. This is another tool used to aid in the effort.

Step 1:
The first page of CRIME Spotter opens with an Address Query box. Type in an Address Number and/or Street Name and then click Search.

Address Query
Step 2:
If CRIME Spotter detects multiple candidates it will display a Candidate List. Click on the desired address using the radio buttons on the left and then click Show Report.

Candidate List
Step 3:
CRIME Spotter then generates a new page starting with a Summary map with a corresponding graph. The first summary map displays a random 1/4 square mile crime density grid based on all of the reported crimes.

Summary map
Step 4:
Below the grid map, CRIME Spotter generates a graph of total reported crime occurring within a one-half mile radius of the entered address. Hover your mouse over the each column to see individual totals.

Step 5:
Click on any of the individual crime tabs along the top to see specific crimes along with corresponding descriptive information. The descriptive information displayed represents only those crimes that are within a half-mile radius of the queried address. To start a new search, click the Search tab located at the top.

Crime Tabs

Rape is included but the location is not shown to protect the victims.

Other Crime Information

Click on any of the links below for additional crime-related information.

Washington County
City of Beaverton
City of Portland
City of Lake Oswego
Sex Offender Inquiry System

Contact Information
For more information regarding crime statistics within the City of Tigard, please contact the City's Police Department Public Information Officer at 503.718.2561 or e-mail jim@tigard-or.gov.




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