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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Photos in Real Estate

Too many realtors have not yet realized the power of their photos. Perhaps they don't know how many people start with the internet, or even solely use the internet in their home search but it just isn't enough to have a description up. You could be taking those who are relocating completely out of the running four your place. 99% of home-seekers using the internet found photos to be the most informative part of the website. Believe it or not, the quality of your photos matters a great deal.

You cannot "run out" and grab some pics really quick. It is vital that things like light and staging are taken into consideration and this takes time. Spend sometime pretending you are looking for a home. Check out the various websites and take note of the compelling photos. First you will notice which listings you will even bother to look at, most people ignore the homes with 0-1 photos. In this case more is almost always better, the more information you can give a potential buyer the more likely they are to create an emotional connection and go see the home. Next pay attention to the pictures you linger on and write down what compels you, try to incorporate these characteristics into your own photos.

This same can be applied to staging. Go through some real estate and interior decorating magazines. A lot of these pictures are shoot early morning or in the evening to take advantage of the natural light. Which rooms can you picture getting cozy in and what do you notice about them? Is there a lot of clutter? How is the furniture positioned? Are the selling points being highlighted? Eventually you might want to consider getting to know your camera a little better, perhaps even take a class.

Do keep in mind though that your can go overboard on the quality. There are some agents who spend a lot on professional photographers but keep getting complaints that the photos were better than seeing the house in person. Another potential issue is file size, there is a fine line there where you picture can be too big and detailed and it could take a very long time for a seeker to pull up. If it takes too long they will give up and move on.


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